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Even more than the job that she loves and the passion that has always driven her, movement is her lifestyle. While completing her Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at UQAM, Mélanie discovers the Pilates method. Impressed by the results and the variety of exercises, she decides to get certified in floor & equipment Pilates exercises.
Continuing her studies, she obtained her specialized graduate diploma (DESS, UQAM) in somatic education(Feldenkrais method) two years later.

She adds a Gyrokinesis certificationin 2012 and a certification in Gyrotonic in 2014. With a strong ability to listen, she offers tailor-made sessions to best meet the needs of her clients.
Whether you have specific goals, want to improve in a sport or simply get back into shape at your own pace, she has the experience to guide you.

She is certified in these 3 training methods and offers private classes as well as group sessions for Pilates and Gyrokinesis. Save your spot today!

“Amazing experience! Mélanie knows what she’s doing and is very caring.

— Sophie d'Oriona

After living in Mexico for 2 years and falling in love with Latin dance, She moved back home and taught Ballroom Dancing for 5 years at Social Ease Dance Studio in St. Catharines, Ontario.From there she moved to Montreal and discovered her new passion of pole dance. However, like so many people who have suffered from pain, her past injuries forced her to stop dancing. Unwilling to give up completely and not finding lasting relief from traditional methods such as physiotherapy and osteopathy, Michelle discovered the Gyrotonic Method®. ️She regained and strengthened mobility that was lacking and causing pain in her shoulder joints, allowing her to return to the very intense sport of pole dance! Not only could she enjoy her passion again but her overall technique had improved, she had more mobility, body awareness and core strength.
Seeing the results firsthand, she knew she had to share this method with other people who, like herself, had to give up their sports and activities because of injury and pain. Certified in both the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods as well as specialized equipment Jumping Stretching Board and the Archway. Michelle is also certified in ELDOA levels 1,2 and 3. As well as the Myofascial Stretching Program accredited by the SomaTraining school in Montreal. Understanding that the spine is key to movement and freedom and the principle focus of both the Gyrotonic Method®️ and the ELDOA system; She uses a combination of the two to give her clients results quickly! She feels it is important for everyone to have the ability to learn how to take care of their own body, the skeletal structure and joints. 1 hr sessions plus homework of 1-5 minutes accomplishes this!
Michelle also holds certification in Swedish Massage Therapy and is a licensed massage therapist with the RMPQ. Recently, she also became a Certified Aerial yoga teacher and Restorative Yin Yoga Aerial teacher.

She is ready to work with you to improve your strength, flexibility and prevent or reduce injuries in order to get you back to your favorite sport. If you are looking for a unique complete training method or just want to feel great and move again, try it now. Training programs adapted to your specific objectives are available.

“Michelle is a great teacher and she will listen to you and find the perfect training.”

— Tracey D.