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After over a century of existence, Pilates remains a training method renowned for its concrete results. Developed in the 1920s by German inventor Joseph Pilates, these exercises are designed with a particular attention to breathing, optimal body alignment and neuro-muscular balance/control.
At Studio Anicca, we offer Pilates classes, which helps to rebalance the body’s muscles, with an emphasis on the abdominals and core muscles. This training method also helps to lengthen and tone the muscles while improving posture, flexibility, mobility and abdominal strength. In addition, it promotes a better awareness of the movement. This allows for better control.

“Pilates is a low-impact training, suitable to all ages and fitness levels.”

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Pilates is for everyone

Pilates classes are low-impact and suitable to all ages and fitness levels. Its benefits can be appreciated by all. By varying the pace, intensity and complexity of the exercises, Pilates adapts to the specific needs and objectives of each person.

It is strongly recommended that beginners practice Pilates under the supervision of a certified instructor to prevent injuries and make the most of them.