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Start moving.


Gyrokinesis Classes

Michelle offers private
Gyrotonic Classes.

Try your first class at half price (60 minutes) for only $35!

Pilates Classes

Mélanie offers Pilates Group Classes
as well as Private Gyrotonic Classes and Private Pilates Classes.

Group classes are $20 per class
and $65 for privates.
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Certified Trainer

Gyrotonic | Gyrokinesis

Certified Massage Therapist



Certified Trainer

Gyrotonic | Pilates

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Are you looking to increase your strength and range of movement? With the Gyrotonic method, you can do both at the same time!


Pilates has been around for over 100 years, and is probably the first mind-body connection method.


A unique blend of yoga, tai-chi and dance, the Gyrokinesis Method is a refreshing training.

Group classes

Do you enjoy training with a private trainer or with friends? Our group classes will give you what you need!

Stay motivated!

All our trainers are certified. At Studio Anicca, every training is a new experience. We’ll keep you highly motivated!

Cours privés

Prefer training at your own pace? Have specific goals in mind? Level up your fitness with a private Pilates, Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis class!

 “At Studio Anicca, every training is a new experience.” 

        “I can’t recommend this studio enough. I tried Gyrotonic with Michelle and she works miracles. I have back and shoulder problems and the trainings I do with Michelle help me a lot. Michelle is a great teacher and she will listen to you and find the perfect training. I train regularly with her and definitely improved.”
Tracey D.
        “Gyro est pour les francophones et anglophones chez Studio Anicca ! C'est le meilleur cours de Gyrokinesis que j'ai jamais suivi. Le professeur, Michelle, est très précise, patiente et claire. Merci à Studio Anicca ! Best Gyrokinesis class I have ever taken. The teacher, Michelle, is very precise and concerned, patient and clear. Thank you Anicca Studio!”
Débora Bolsanello
        “Mélanie is patient, professional and competent. In short, she’s the best in Montreal. Combining PILATES and Gyrotonic, she does wonders. I have been training with her for many years and I am more than satisfied.”
Catherine Laferriere
        “Amazing experience. I enjoy training with Mélanie a lot. She knows how to adapt various techniques to her customer’s needs and is a great health professional. She knows what she’s doing and is very caring. I highly recommend this bright, pleasant and warm studio.” 
Sophie d'Oriona